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this is my favourite photo ever found on tumblr. i post it once in a while just so i can have it on my blog..
We meet and we drink coffee and we talk about our lives and we listen to each other’s stories hoping that the other will bring up how much they miss the other but no one wants to be that weak. No one wants to admit that they miss someone so much their bones ache.
Beth Hollingsworth (via poetrist)

this is so old oh my god where did you find this how old is this post this is so cool

(via metrosounds)

(via metrosounds)



i wanna sleep on the top bunk in your bedroom 
and pass down notes that say “hey, i love you”
and in the morning we’ll eat breakfast and you won’t look at me
and i’ll go home and we probably won’t talk for weeks

here’s a little something i recorded the other day thats going to be on an EP that i’m releasing for FREE. more info on that later. 

in case anyone missed it


How can you be happy when you wear all black?

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I swore that I would be okaywhen you told me that your biggest fear was waking up each day


here’s an old song for you guys


Wayne Szalinski’s “Black Mirror” will debut on October 21st. The first szingle, “In The Morning” free w/ pre-order (there is VINYL) and streaming here:

on the catwalk


Who It Is: Metro – Together; Self-Released (2014)

What It Sounds Like: lo-fi emo, noise pop, Teen Suicide meets Now, Now


Beth Hollingsworth from New Orleans, Louisiana, is Metro. With two full-length albums and one EP, she is…